Private equity

Private equity is one of the main pillars of PROFINEX Group. Within this area, the company focuses on funds investment to attractive projects. We finance companies with promising business ideas and we help them implement, develop and successfully fulfil the business plan.

Chance is huge

The company helps develop the projects with great potential by depositing required capital. We invest primarily into projects designed to develop and promote new product or technology, which generally contribute to the development of the market.

Tailored to individual needs

The form of cooperation with PROFINEX Group is always adapted to specific conditions of the project. The company offers assistance in two basic segments. The first is to strengthen the management team and the second is consultancy in the field of finance. We also help in obtaining contracts and new customers.

PROFINEX Group implements private equity in the areas of development and real estate, energy and environmental facilities, tourism, logistics and manufacturing, science and research.